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100% Hands-Free Touchless Door Solution

Show COVID-19 The Door with Prop It!

As our country moves forward and you get back to business, Prop It! would like to help you Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Be Prepared.

How is Prop It! making an impact during COVID-19?

How many times have you used a tissue to turn a door knob, or your foot to push the door open, or bent over to use your elbow to push on a door handle? Instead, just Prop It! and forget it!

  • Prop It! is a 100% HANDS-FREE TOUCHLESS solution to keeping doors propped open, reducing the transmission of pathogens on high-touch surfaces – such as door handles.
  • No installation needed with Prop It! Avoid the hassles of installing additional hardware on your doors, such as arm and foot pulls.
  • Prop It! SAVES you money, at only a fraction of the cost of automatic door systems or motion sensor upgrades.
  • By limiting exposure from touching door handles, Prop It! is making an impact and helping businesses keep their doors open – literally!

Prop It! keeps opportunity alive one door at a time, by keeping THOUSANDS of doors open every day.

Prop It!