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Prop It! by KLS Product Design, LLC

KLS Product Design, LLC professionals combine over 30 years of engineering and product design experience.

The latest release, Prop It! (Patent Protected, Patent No. 10,883,297 B1, January 5, 2021) was designed by a mechanical engineer and part-time bellman determined to eliminate bothersome, time consuming struggles to keep doors open, within a moments notice. Prop It! is lightweight, convenient and engineered for strength. Its versatility is unmatched in working with almost any door in any situation.

KLS can now economically deliver this technology and product at a consumer price point. Proudly made in the USA, companies around the world now use Prop It! in hotels, stadiums, office buildings and residences. It’s easy, smart and really works!


Ken Seise
President / Founder / Inventor

Ken Seise, Founder and Inventor of Prop It! THE Door Stop, boasts more than 30 years of experience in positions as Quality Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Quality Manager and Quality Director at various design, manufacturing and testing companies in St. Louis and Kansas City. Mr. Seise earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Kansas in 1988.

The idea to invent Prop It! THE Door Stop spawned from Mr. Seise’s Guest Services role at The Ritz-Carlton.

“I kept doors open to help guests with luggage, so I have first-hand knowledge of what would make the perfect doorstop. I also solicited feedback from fellow Bellmen during prototyping. So the final design has Bellmen written all over It!”

Customers Love Prop It!

Prop It! 360° Viewer

"They work great."


General Manager, The Sound Hotel

"I use Prop It! to keep my door open when I’m loading beer into the refrigerator in the suites at Busch Stadium. It works great! No more trying to keep the door open with my leg; that was so frustrating. Now with Prop It!, it’s so easy!"


Bartender, Delaware North

"The door stopper worked well... Prop It! was definitely much handier than the bend down and hope it fits wedges. (Chris uses a scooter and wants to move through doors easily. She used it when she went to a convention in St. Louis.)"



"It is so handy to have Prop It! Door Stop in my pocket when working as a catering attendant at Busch Stadium. I use it to hold doors open when I bring food into my party rooms before guests arrive. It is especially useful when I bring a large dessert cart into a suite because I can push the cart through the door while Prop It! keeps the door open; nobody needs to hold the door open for me. I can’t imagine getting through a shift at the stadium without my Prop It!"


Catering Attendant, Delaware North

"Yours (Prop It!) worked perfectly… Essentially, the doorstop goes in the door jamb perfectly… it works so well to hold heavy commercial doors open to 90 degrees, better than any of the others so far! I'll definitely be ordering this product again. (Maureen uses a motorized scooter and cannot bend over to put a traditional wedge under a door.)"



"Prop It! is so easy to use. I just slip it in my pocket at the start of my shift so it is handy when I take luggage to a guest’s room. When I open the door to the room, I grab Prop It! out of my pocket and pop it between the door and jamb to keep the door wide-open while I take luggage off the bell cart and into the room. It fits perfectly! No bending over! It works better than any other door stop I have used. It’s ingenious! Guests have noticed it and want one for their own personal use!"


Bellman, Ritz-Carlton

"Prop It! is without a doubt the BEST door stop on the market! Having been in the commercial janitorial business for over 30 years, we have gone through many types of door stops. Nothing comes close to the many benefits of Prop It! One of the best things about Prop It! is its ability to hold any type of door open without fail. Other door stops do not compare to the design and strength of Prop It!"


President, Building Butlers, Inc.

"I do maintenance in a retail environment. We have several rooms with self closing doors, locked doors. You can wind up shut out of the store or into an unpleasant little room if your not careful. I keep Prop It! hooked to my belt and use it frequently. I am also quite pleased with the fact that I don't have to bend over to use this door stop. The door jam position saves my back!"

Retail Business

Denver, CO

"We have heavy steel doors in the apartment building I manage. With Prop It!, our doors don't budge, even in some of the heavy winds we've been seeing down here in Texas lately. The carabiner is nice because we actually hook them on the back side of the door when not in use."

Jared Sullivan

Austin, TX

"As a teacher, I need to be out in the hallway between periods. You don't want your door shut if you are not in it. The little wooden wedges don't last long so I was looking for a longer lasting and durable solution. Prop It! is the best!"

Mrs. Martin

Indianapolis, IN

"I outfitted my entire team with Prop It! They keep Prop It! hooked on their uniform at all times for quick-use. It saves time and headaches, plus no more dragging around a heavy brick door stop!"

Moving Company

St. Louis, MO
Prop It!